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About Us


Located 10 kilometers north of Cochrane, Alberta. Old Buffalo Tree Farm is a third generation farm that began in the 1970's. Currently managed by Old's College educated arborists Ben and Emily who have been a part of residential and municipal tree pruning and removal in Saskatchewan Alberta and British Colombia. All trees are grown and pruned within the Canadian Nursery Stock Standards. This includes root pruning and/or transplanting for the purpose of containing roots to the area that will be dug for transplant. This way, transplant shock is reduced. Canadian Nursery Stock Standards are also followed for container and root ball size. All trees and shrubs are field grown and potted or field grown and balled and burlapped. Smaller trees are hand dug and placed in a container and larger caliper trees are dug with our skid steer mounted tree spade. Trees and shrubs are sold for pickup only, and time may be required for trees and shrubs to be dug. Large caliper trees can be loaded onto flatbed trailers or trucks at your request.

When We Harvest 

At Old Buffalo Tree Farm we harvest trees and shrubs in early spring before bud break and later in fall. This is to reduce transplant shock on the trees. smaller potted size trees are harvested in the spring and sold throughout the summer while balled and burlaped trees are harvest and sold in spring and fall only. we understand that this might be a inconvenience however we do it to ensure the best possible product 

How To Order

To pick out larger trees that will be balled and burlaped please contact us and we can arrange a time to meet and take a tour of the tree beds. Trees will be flagged with a  color specific to you and then we will set a time at a later date for you to pick up your order. We stock field grown and potted trees year round.

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